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Here comes my new year resolution

Once a year, here we go again…

Review the list for 2016

  • Longest bicycle ride: 70km from Danang to Hoian and return
  • 5km run is not a big deal.
  • Fail to reach 70kg LOL.
  • University things still good.
  • Relationship goes up and down, but friends always stay with me.
  • Able to use my guitar – “use”, not “play” LOL

Life moves on, and this is the 2017’s list:

  • Learn Mandarin and Machine learning – top priority, Chinese and computers are the most crowded in the world.
  • Reach 70kg – of course, 2016’s failure
  • Have a good job – time to be independent
  • Have (a) side project(s) – this is how I spend my spare time
  • And maybe practice a little marital art – Kiai!!!!