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Have you ever been unable to reach your goal?

For me, the answer is yes. Sometimes it’s just because I am too lazy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Sometimes, remembering the things I have to do in thousands of things I can do is painful.

In our daily busy life, we meet dozens of people, have hundred conversations and tons of things to remember. Writing them down is an essential way to keep everything recorded and organized. With the aid of smartphones, we have various mobile applications serving this job. Honestly, I have try multiple apps since I started to use smartphone. Obviously they help me a lot, however, I don’t sit here to talk about their usefulness. One of the problems of these apps is they don’t give you the feeling of writing down. Saying in another way, we have to input the data into the apps in a defined format – plain text, list and metadata. Real things are simply more than that. Moreover, different data is usually handled by different apps. Switching between apps when I am noting down is another thing I hate for these kinds of electronic notebooks.

And then I read about something called “Bullet journal” at the end of Jan. This turns out a wonderful solution that I am looking for.  As it slogan – “The analog system for digital age” – it can be anything – a planner, a notebook, a log, a diary, a to-do list, and all I need is no more than a pen (good pen) and a notebook.

“Bullet journal” or BuJo in short, is a set of rules, habits, tips and tricks of writing things. These rules doesn’t help you write the contents, but help you organize them in a logical manner. Indexing, future log and monthly log gives us the bird eye view of the schedules, plans and contents inside the book. Daily log is where we catch your thinking, ideas and tasks we don’t want to miss. For the detail rule set, just go to bulletjournal.com/get-started/ and you will have it all. One thing to remember, “rules are made to be broken”, feel free to edit the rules and make it fits your taste.

For me, writing everything down is not only to record the information, but also a way of relaxing. I love the way my brain feels comfortable when I let my thinking out when the pen touches paper. Besides, holding a notebook full of writing is an impressive style that I think everyone should try.

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